1975 Longtime Sitting Project in Prescott Valley, AZ

Last Updated: 10/8/2018 | Ad Source: Craigslist
Asking Price: $3,950 | Location: Prescott Valley, Arizona

Key Z Features

  • Model Year: 1975
  • Odometer: Not Listed
  • Engine: See Below
  • Transmission: Manual

Seller Details

  • Type: Private Owner
  • Name: Not Listed
  • Phone: See Below
  • Email: See Below


More Details & Pictures

This is a 1975 Datsun 280Z project I picked up recently in a package deal down in Tucson, Arizona..

It has been sitting forever. Since like 2000. While it is an Arizona Z, after sitting so long, water trapped in the carpet and underlayment rusted out the floor pans in places. And the passenger floor rail is shot. So probably floors and rails are in order.

The rockers ,doglegs ,lower fenders,,etc are still nice and rustfree. The front inner wheelwells by the control arm mounts are solid,rustfree and nice as can be. We mucked out the old carpet full of everything under the sun and tossed it. The seats are pretty bad, but I will throw them back in.

This Z has the N42 head, which is a great one for building HP. The fuel injection has been removed and early 240Z SU carbs are on there now The engine turns easily. But has bad compression in three holes. With 145-150 PSI in the others. Possibly stuck valves from sitting is the cause. But no guaranty on that. As usual,plan for the worse, hope for the best .But figure rebuild. This Z has a 3 piece rear spoiler. It is a 4 speed with AC. It is missing bumpers,and other parts but is mostly complete.

It needs everything, top to bottom. In and out.This will be a great base to build a Z your way. Clean straight Arizona title.I travel around mostly the west Coast and might be able to get it to you or close for reasonable money.

I can arrange shipping to Long Beach California shippers for export for $300 no problem.

Datsun Zs are getting harder and harder to get in any shape these days.

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