1976 V6 Manual Queens Village NY

No Longer Available

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Key Car Facts
-Model Year: 1976
-Odometer: Not Listed
-Drivetrain: 2.8L V6 Manual
-Condition: Fair

Ad Information
-Source: Craigslist
-Location: Queens Village, New York
-Asking Price: $3,700
-Contact: No Longer Available

Original Content From Ad:

1976 Datsun 280z
-Fiberglass hood
-Fiberglass front quarter panel
-Fiberglass door skin
-Fiberglass hood cowl
-Fiberglass headlight fixture
-Fiberglass side skirts
-Fiberglass front air dam
-16 chrome hammer style rims
-Howe 4 core radiator
-2.8L with 4 speed transmission
The car has been sitting for years and does not run.
It has its fair share of rust.
It would be good as a donor car, considering it has so many fiberglass parts.
I am selling it as is.. $3700.00



1976 Queens Village NY

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