1977 Coupe Marshalltown IA

No Longer Available

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Key Car Facts
-Model Year: 1977
-Odometer: 65k
-Drivetrain: V6 Manual
-Condition: Good

Ad Information
-Source: Craigslist
-Location: Marshalltown, Iowa
-Asking Price: $4,999
-Contact: No Longer Available

Original Content From Ad:

IF THIS AD IS STILL UP THE CAR IS STILL FOR SALE. Had a few bites but no commitments yet and no one has taken a look at it in person yet. I’ve had a few trade offers that may be happening in the near future if no one buys this. 12/4

*****Update***** 12/4/2015

Replaced fuel pump with model below on 11/28 and have been driving it since with no leaks or issues. Plan on doing a compression test and fuel pressure test just to have those values.

*****Update***** 11/27/15

Currently replacing stock fuel pump due to having a hole in the pump body… Replacing with a MSD 2225.

Recently took this car to Alley automotive in Marshalltown (to check on fuel pump replacement quote) and one of the workers there commented on how great shape this car is and how it is in better shape than a lot of new cars!

Leaving in 3 weeks this needs to go!! Willing to negotiate.


Car issues fixed. I had to readjust the TPS.

Here’s a write up I made about it as well.

The VIN for the dash and drivers side match. The firewall plate is missing. The head is a N47 and the block is a N42. The previous owner had a 78 and a 77 which he used the 78 as a parts car. The 77, which I have, used to be an auto and they swapped the 78’s manual transmission into the 77. I also removed the exhaust manifold and installed headers.

It has ac which I haven’t used in awhile because of the blower fan breaking. I bought a new one from I think it was a subaru… I can’t remeber which. Should be a direct replacement or with minimal alterations to make it work.

Has a moon roof that does leak. Living in vegas it didn’t really matter to me. In iowa I ended up caulking it. No headliner so I could verify leaks and rust. I have a new one in the box that will go with it.

Looks to have had a spoiler because of the rear hatch paint cracking slightly so it’s probably bondo. No other issues with that on the car. Installed a new hood due to my pops accidently leaving it in gear when he started it in the garage. No neutral safety switch due to the transmission swap.

Took out footwell carpet and a bunch of sound deadening to look for rust. Still have carpet for rear hatch.

Rust. Undercarriage has surface rust. Rails look decent and in tact. Drivers side footwell has an Itty bity rust spot that has minor pitting. Passenger side footwell has rust. Forward left section has a two golf ball size hole, a hole in the middle of the floor pan about half dollar size, and surfuce rust/pitting around the drain pans. No rust under battery, no rust in wheel wells, no rust along inside rear hatch, no rust in spare tire well. The pictures below that have purple and red circles show the rust. Purple being surface or pitted and red being a hole.

Used to have a catalytic converter but I took it out and straight piped it back to a flow master


Here are more pictures.




****Willing to Negotiate and priced to sell**** also willing to trade for a truck or SUV

I have a 1977 Datsun 280z for sale. If you are from Marshalltown you may have seen it being driven around town!

I need this car gone before December when I move back to Las Vegas. I have driven this car with the stock motor from Norfolk, VA (where I was stationed in the Navy) to Las Vegas and then again from Las Vegas to Iowa.

Although I use it as a daily driver this car will need the engine looked over and tuned. She recently started hesitating and sputtering on acceleration which I am thinking is a vacuum leak. These cars are fairly simple and easy to work on but I just don’t have the time or patience having a full time job and going to school in my time off as well.

If you know Z cars then out of all the rust problems areas the passenger floor pan is the only issue. Few small holes that should be easy to patch.

Need to sell this car. Give me an offer and take her off my hands. These are great cars for someone that has the time to work on it and restore.

Awesome new show with the actor from Fast and Furious working on his dream car Z!


Even Jay Leno has Z’s!!




1977 Marshalltown IA

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