1977 Ellensburg WA

No Longer Available

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Key Car Facts
-Model Year: 1977
-Odometer: Not Listed
-Drivetrain: Manual
-Condition: Excellent

Ad Information
-Source: Craigslist
-Location: Ellensburg, Washington
-Asking Price: $2K
-Contact: No Longer Available

Original Content From Ad: I had originally got the car as a project to build a drift car. Lack of time and lack of correct tools for complete restoration. I am unable to complete my restoration and build of the car. It is rusted, the frame has been weakened from it. the rest of the car is in good condition. The previous owner had painted it primer grey and had left it out for some time. I am unsure of what the body looks like under that paint, but one can only assume it has rust. The motor is in good condition, when I picked it up it ran well, with few issues. I needed to do a valve lash on it. It has not been ran in nearly a year. I have the motor out of the car because I am swapping the transmission from a 4 speed to a 5 speed and putting in a brand new heavy duty ACT clutch in. Problems are the hatch will not latch shut and you are unable to open the driver door from the outside. I was not anticipating on the frame being in a weakened state and am unable to properly take care of it. This is the primary reason for me selling it. If interested contact me for more pictures and information. I will part it off if necessary but would like to sell as whole.



1977 Elllensburg WA

1977 Elllensburg WA engine

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