1978 Manual San Antonio, Texas

No Longer Available

Last Updated: 02/02/2019 | Ad Source: Craigslist
Asking Price: $10,000 | Location: San Antonio, Texas

Key Z Features

  • Model Year: 1978
  • Odometer: Not Listed
  • Engine: Not Listed
  • Transmission: Manual

Seller Details

  • Type: Private Owner
  • Name: No Longer Available!
  • Phone: No Longer Available!
  • Email: No Longer Available!


More Details & Pictures

For sale 1978 datsun 280z. Car runs and drives very well. Not looking to trade for anything just want cash. If you need mommy and daddy to approve you buying this car then they better come with you to look at it.

Car has some nice features including genuine bride seats, new rota rb staggered wheels (17×9, 17×9.5) with new bridgestone tires, most of the interior is complete with a new center console. No rust on the frame rails or floor boards. Clean and clear texas title.

Asking $10,000. If you can find a better one than this for less $$$ in texas or the surrounding states then go get it. Cash only, no checks, money orders, scammers stay away. All paperwork and transactions will be done at my bank and notarized.



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  1. love this car, and all z cars in this era! have been looking around and is done up nice. if you can spare any other pics or videos would appreciate that. I used to have a 1980, but love the z in the late 70’s. Thanks Art

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