1975 2+2 L28 Manual in Wenatchee, WA

Last Updated: 2/15/2024 | Ad Source: Craigslist
Asking Price: $2,500 | Location: Wenatchee, Washington
1975 Datsun 280Z For Sale in Wenatchee, WA

Key Z Features

  • Model Year: 1975
  • Odometer: 95,721
  • Engine: L28 6 Cylinder
  • Transmission: Manual

Seller Details

  • Type: Private Owner
  • Name: See Link Below
  • Phone: See Link Below
  • Email: See Link Below


More Details & Pictures

For 2500;

A very nice project to take over for someone, a lot of the dirty hard work is complete and almost ready for paint. I have an investment project taking all my time up and need to let go of some projects.

Pictures are from when I brought it home and started it, it’s mostly all bare metal now.

One bad spot is where the gasket was on the rear hatch poorly and rusted the top of the rear tail light panel. I removed the bad panel, it’s 100$ panel they sell online, I don’t have a welder nor time to keep working at it. The engine bay is immaculate and It has no rust whatsoever.

All the little dings and dents I have smoothed out with hours of body work. The old sound deadening has been removed already as well, more hours of labor complete.

For 3000$;

It comes with a lot of extra parts with it, too much to list, i.e., new carpet mold, some body kit parts, carbureted parts, fuel injected parts, too many little items to list. Inquire for more. Comes with the upholstery too.

Comes with two L28 engines, one has bad compression and one came from the previous owner bought it off of eBay and was on a pallet unpacked. Was pulled apart for cleaning and to go through; plans were to turbocharge it, motor needs reassembled.

Great platform to start on for a project and almost ready to paint. Clean title in hand.

Just note that it is a 1975 or older vehicle. It beats any emission laws required for places like California, and people can buy it from any state being that year or older to avoid emissions for a nice restomod.

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  1. Would you consider selling the shell alone ? Without the engines ? Just the shell, nothing else.

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