1977 6cyl Manual in Vancouver, BC

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Asking Price: $40,000 | Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
1977 vancouver bc

Key Z Features

  • Model Year: 1977
  • Odometer: 90,407
  • Engine: 6 Cylinder
  • Transmission: Manual

Seller Details

  • Type: Private Owner
  • Name: Not Listed
  • Phone: See Below
  • Email: See Below


More Details & Pictures

For sale my 1977 280Z 5speed

I bought this car in California about 4 years ago. I really wanted to get a fun, classic manual car. I loved the body lines and styling of the 280Z but everything local was rusty and I was not interested in doing body work. I found a car out in Modesto California and happily got it home. The car had some issues (All engine, pretty much all fueling related) which were sorted out over about a year. All the major work was done by Axel Alley. Car was certified for import by Axel Alley. Car was also properly exporter from the US so its safe to drive in the US if someone wanted to.

Car is American so ODO is in Miles

Work done to get it running was:

New fuel pump regulator (Installed by Midas)
New fuel pump (Installed by Axel Alley)
New Bosch Starter (I installed)
All brand new heater core, hosing, and piping. (Installed by Axel Alley, needed to pass inspection)
New wiring for air sensor (Done by me)
New shifter bushings (Installed by Axel Alley)
New rear KYB struts (Installed by Axel Alley)

After all this the car runs great! But I did daily the car during the summer months so to make it more livable I had some other things put in.

New audio head unit and speakers. Sounds system has six speakers and four small closed cased subs. Audio quality is better than most modern cars (Installed by Soundsgood Burnaby)

New door panels

Key fob keyless entry and immobilizer (Installed by Soundsgood Burnaby)

New custom made center console with powered USB port.

Genuine Nardi steering wheel with NRG quick release. (Installed by Axel Alley) I do have the original steering wheel but its huge and I couldn’t fit in the car with it.

I installed a carbon fibre rear spoiler. I did have to do some paint work as the spoiler that was on it before left it looking pretty poor. My paint work was not great but you can see it if you look at the car.

Previous owner straight piped the car but it isn’t loud at all and very reasonable. Car has some bodykit the previous owner put on that I have kept.

Some negatives. The car leaks slightly. Due to this I do not drive it in the rain, It is kept under a covered canopy when not in use. I do have a set of brand new seals and rubber to replace every piece on the car. I kept saying I would get the car painted and put them on when I would do this but never got around to it.

The car is low! Gotta be careful over bumps and the suspension could probably use some work but its safe and good to drive.

I see a lot of Z posts say no rust. I never believe that. This Z has very little rust. But there is some. A bit on the front near the hood hinge. A bit in the passenger foot well. Its all very minimal but I feel people who say not rust are being dishonest. These are known to rust so this has never been winter driven.

I do not know the true miles of the car. The previous owner said these are the original miles and he rebuilt the engine. I don’t know if I believe that but it does drive great.

I cant think of much more to write here and I have probably already put too much so by all means if you have questions ask.

I am fairly firm on price but open to discussion. I love the car but I may have to move for work and as it stands now I do not use the car as much as it deserves.

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