Visitor privacy is of utmost importance to and its owners. The privacy policy outlined below provides our users with a guideline for how their personal information is used when they visit this website.


Collection of Personal Data

At the current time we have collect and track the following information about our visitors:

  • Data concerning how visitors reached our website, how they interact with the various pages and when and from what page they left our website.
  • Additional information collected, tracked and stored via an SQL database includes messages, comments our other data directly submitted through this site.


How Personal Data and Information is Utilized

The following are the ways in which visitor data and information is used:

  • To customize this website for a more enhanced user experience
  • To send website communications
  • To share with third party providers (only after permitted by visitor, or as explicitly designed by contact form or other input mechanism)

The data and information shared with third party individuals and organizations is done in accordance with the remainder of this privacy policy.

The only exception to the sharing of personal information is when is required to do so by applicable law. This could also include the defense of the legal rights of the owners of


Data Security proceeds with our visitor’s data and personal privacy in mind. This includes hosting both this website and related databases on secured servers in trusted data centers. This also includes adherence to a strict site access and password protection policy. will put forth the best effort within the course of normal business. However in the event of certain natural disasters, acts of god or other anomalies, data may be lost or stolen. While not common or likely, by providing your personal information to this site the visitor is knowingly taking this risk.


Website Operation and Advertisers

This website is supported by third party advertisers in order to continue operation. During the course of normal business the advertisers presented on this site may change however they will be from one of the following ad networks.

  • Google AdSense
  • Amazon Affiliates

Other advertisers displaying ads on this site may include companies who have connected with directly and thus are presented here in a unique way other than traditional web banners, embedded links and similar media.



It should be noted that Google, Amazon and other third party vendors utilize cookies through their ad networks to server relevant products and service to visitors. The following outlines how cookies are implemented on this website. is a publisher for Google AdSense and thus includes Google Ads on this website. These advertisements may be customized based on your consumer interest. This could be based on other websites you have visited before visiting and may also be tailored by to enhance the user experience. Various factors influence this data including rather or not the visitor its logged into a Google account. Specifically Google uses the DoubleClick cookie which enables it and its partners to serve ads to users based on their visit to this site and/or other sites on the Internet.

Visit Google’s Policies & Privacy page to learn more about specific Google privacy information including how to control advertising cookies on your computer and mobile devices. To modify your personal settings including the option to opt-out of Google ads visit Google’s Ads Preference Manager. Lastly you can utilize Google’s Opt-Out Plugin to permanently save your preference.


Policy Changes may update, modify or change this policy at any time to reflect updated business practices or in accordance with local laws or program requirements. It is the responsibility of the visitor to review this privacy policy each time they visit this site to ensure agreement.